Brokers Ireland

Logo Design & Branding, Brochure Design, Signage & Display Graphics, Marketing Collateral

Brokers Ireland Logo.png

Project Details

Brokers Ireland is the leading representative body in Ireland for insurance and financial brokers representing over 1,200 firms. When the two major representative bodies, Irish Brokers Association (IBA) and Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA) merged to form Brokers Ireland it necessitated a complete rebranding process. Scapegoat Design were engaged to design the logo, brand guidelines and various sub-brands that would be needed for the new organisation.


Project Outcome

After an in-depth consultation process and several iterations, a new logo was chosen to represent Brokers Ireland. The logo worked as a complete piece or as a logo mark on its own and this was applied to the various sub-brands with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to accompany. The new logo is ubiquitous across all Brokers Ireland material - website, brochures, conference and event graphics, social media etc and should personify the organisation for years to come.


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