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Radical Oats

Logo & Branding, Packaging Design, Website Design

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Project Details

When Miriam and Tony Monahan approached us they had a great new food product but no branding, no logo, no packaging - not even a name! Our challenge was to come up with the name, brand and packaging that would ensure their product would be eye-catching and distinctive in a highly competitive food market. After talking in depth with Miriam and Tony they indirectly provided us with the idea for the name - their product was intended to be radical so 'Radical Oats' it was.

From there the brand and logo followed very organically as we had a tone of voice and feel for what the values were intended to be. Working closely with some specialised manufacturers we came up with the packaging that would be many customers first interaction with Radical Oats. We also completed a website for this new start up company.


Project Outcome

After an initial launch, Radical Oats won the 'Down To Business' competition on Bobby Kerr's Newstalk radio show, secured significant investment on Dragon's Den and exhibited at Bloom Festival. Radical Oats was subsequently stocked nationwide in Tesco, Super Valu, Dunnes Stores, Spar and Mace.


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